Luxury places to visit in toronto

The capital of Ontario in Canada, Toronto city has alw

ays been considered to be one of the top end destination from the tourists point of view. The diverse region has been known for providing you access to a wide range of options for most of your requirements.

We thought of checking out a few exciting options for the best luxury destinations in Toronto so that you can enjoy the prime experience of the best tourism ever.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

You can experience one of the excellent options for achieving the best standards in terms of a perfect taste and contemporary décor. The Trump International Hotel and Tower has been considered to be one of the exciting options for the number 1 luxury hotel in Toronto. The bathrooms offer you both soaking tub and shower for an improved experience in terms of an enhanced experience ever.

Troika Vodka Boutique

As soon as you walk inside the lounge cum bar, you will definitely get access to an interesting experience ever. The exteriors may be quite unimpressive, but the interiors will indeed provide you access to very enhanced experience ever for your needs in a huge degree of experience in enjoying it to the core. The lounge and bar does provide you huge elegance and class. The ambient setting can be something you would find perfectly enhanced option ever.

Caudalie Shangri-la Hotel

If you are checking out the best options for the prime experience in terms of the getting rid of the hustle and bustle of work, the Caudalie Shangri-la Hotel can be one of the best options for your requirements. The Miraj Hammam Spa at the location brings you the much needed comfort level. Get access to the best possible option for the perfect relaxation ever. You can get the best ever quality of Hammam & Gommage treatment.

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O.NOIR Toronto

How about the top restaurant option for your needs in an enhanced degree of experience. It would be a great experience for the best possible dining experience in a luxury setting in Toronto. Enjoying the savoury meals in the dark can be what would provide you access to a huge degree of experience in terms of a prime experience ever.

How to get the best experience with the best luxury places

Luxury places in Toronto are plenty enough. Listed here are just a few of the prime exciting locations that you can find rather impressive in every aspect. Toronto is home to many more such tourist attractions. Why not hire a limo service in Toronto and enjoy your stay and visit to the best luxury locations in the city?

Limo services in Toronto have been known for a professional quality of travelling experience. The experienced chauffeurs will provide you one of the best experiences with a full fledged experience ever for moving through every region around Toronto and get a perfect degree of luxury stay around the region. Check out the best possible experience with a limo for getting access to a good degree of travelling ever.

What are the benefits of using airport limo service during pandemic

With the Corona pandemic taking over everyone’s life – there are things that you need to take care about. One of the prime factors you need to care about when travelling during this pandemic involves taking care of the risk and addressing it appropriately.

What benefits will it have if you hire a limo service during the Pandemic? Let us explore a few benefits with a focus on the Toronto limo service.

It offers Extra Space

Airport limo service have been known for spaciousness. That would go helpful in maintaining the much needed social distancing. However, it should always be remembered that during these severe pandemic conditions, three is always a crowd. Rather than piling up on tight PSU, you can opt for the limousines that offers you plenty of space for an enhanced experience.

Improved cleanliness

The clean and well maintained vehicle is what you would get with an airport limo service. That would make it one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience that would further improve your experience. In any case, make sure that the vehicle is sanitised properly just before you board it. This cleanliness may not be possible with a public transportation or a taxi under standard conditions.

Improved comfort levels

Most of the Toronto limousine service providers focus on the comfort levels when offering their services. The limo service providers are aware that during these uncertain times, you need a very high degree of comfort levels. You can be assure of a few of the prime benefits that include WiFi capability, best quality sound systems, quality furnishings and wet bars.

No chances of cross contamination

With the vehicle being sanitised and cleaned well enough, there is a less chance of cross contamination in the case of an airport limo service. In sharp contrast to the public transportation, where there may be hundreds of thousands of people travel by the vehicle each day, the airport limo reduces the possibility of cross contamination.

Well, airport limo services do provide you access to an enhanced level of service quality – not only for the airport travel, but also for other events such as weddings, birthdays, proms, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties.

A few tips we would recommend when hiring a airport limo service can include a few of the following –

Always wear a mask

Wearing the mask is quite important in current conditions, but wearing it becomes all the more important when travelling on the back seat of a vehicle in a congested area. Also ensure that the limo is sanitised before your board it.

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Never move in a group

Never travel in a group. Remember that  three is a crowd and you are likely to run the risk of cross contamination with it. Keep a safe distance between you and the driver to safeguard both you and the driver.

Load your items yourself

It would be wiser to load your personal items into the vehicle yourself. This will avoid the risk of contamination. We would also recommend the payments to be made electronically to further avoid any chances of contamination or infection.

These are troubled times and we need to take an utmost care of ourselves. However, the personalised services like Airport limo services have been helpful in reducing the chance of contamination to a greater degree.

The unique unusual things to do in Toronto

Toronto is a traveller’s paradise and there is something that every genre of traveller would love in Toronto. No matter whether you are an explorer, an adventurist, or even a foody you will find a few great options for everyone in your group.

And when it comes to travelling in groups in Toronto, nothing can beat the experience offered by Toronto Limos. A comfortable, safe and reliable transportation service, the Toronto limo services can be a great addition for practically any trave. The spacious vehicles can indeed be a great asset for a hassle free group travelling.

Having understood that, let us check out a few unusual things you can do while in Toronto.

The Three Houses – Dolls, Half and Little

The Half House bears a resemblance to the past glory of Toronto with its  bay-and-gable house construction. The style was evolved in the 19th century and rivals the Victorian and Gothic styles. The Little House the most little house in Toronto and is just seven feet wide. The house was built in 1912 and does not serve any practical purpose. The third among the lot, the Dolls House is both funny and nightmarish with its content.


If you are an adventurist, you would not want to mis out on the experience of enjoying the best ever experience of rushing adrenaline while in Toronto. The CN Tower provides you this opportunity. How about walking around outside, halfway of it – at a height of 1116 storeys off the ground? The Edgewalk has been referred to be the Signature Canadian experience ever. It is also world’s highest circular walk ever. If you are looking for some adventure, this is exactly what you should be up to.

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Casa Loma

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by opulence, then Casa Loma should be one of the unique destinations you would find rather impressive. It was an ambitious project that literally bankrupted its owner – due to the tax liabilities alone. You can experience everything to your heart’s content here and enjoy the best possible experience of your life through exploring the lavish and ornate interior, as well as the gardens and stables.

Check out Paan and other Indian delicacies

The Indian food and delicacies have always fascinated the world, and the Gerrard India Bazaar in Toronto stands a proof to it. One of the biggest South Asian marketplaces in North America, there is everything that the Little India can offer. You can experience a wide range of options that include  curry houses and exotic clothing stores. One of the unique options you would witness here can include the famous Indian Paan. It has been observed to offer you a mild psychoactive effect, just like tea or coffee.

Well, Toronto does provide you access to a wide range of options if you are looking for something completely unusual and memorable for a long time to come. Featured above are just a few representative examples and should indeed introduce you enter into the world of innovation.

Best ways to spend a weekend in Toronto

Toronto has been considered to be one of the excellent options for a perfect weekend. There are several ways that Toronto provides you access to in spending a quality weekend while in Toronto. Some of the activities you can experience can include roaming around the food markets, museums, castles and enjoy the best shopping experience.

Some best ways you can enjoy the best weekend in Toronto include a few of the best options outlined here below.

Niagara Falls

If you are in Toronto during the morning session, Niagara Falls should be an exceptional option to spend the initial days of your weekend. Niagara Falls is just around 1.5 hour drive from the international airport. You can hire a Limo bus from Toronto airport and spend some quality time a the Falls. Niagara indeed offers a greater view from the Canadian side than from the US side.

St. Lawrence Market

St Lawrence market is one of the excellent options to spend a quality weekend in Toronto. The prime attraction you would come across in the St Lawrence market is the tasty food that it offers to the foody in you. Enjoy a wide variety of bagels, sandwiches, coffee, and dessert at the market. If you are visiting the St Lawrence market on a weekend, Saturday is the only day you will enjoy doing it.

Flatiron Building

Also known as the The Gooderham Building, the Flatiron building is a great choice for a perfect fun weekend. It is a historical office building, and is located quite close to the St Lawrence market. One of the frequently visited and photographed buildings in Toronto, it has been considered to be the prime heritage building in Toronto.

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Sugar Beach

Have you ever heard of a beach within a city? Toronto has the Sugar beach. If you are at St Lawrence market, you would find it not quite far away. It is a man made beach and is quite open to public. Of course, there is no option to swim though. You can enjoy your weekend by playing in the sand or watching the sunset at the Sugar beach. The park was opened in 2010 and has been able to get popular within a short span.

Distillery district

Once a notorious location in Toronto, it is now a place for the best food, beer, shopping, and Christmas market. The district is just 15 minutes walk from the St Lawrence market. It is one of the best options and follows a pedestrian only rule. You would find the bet of the 1800s historical architecture. You can simply take a walk and enjoy the view of some of the best galleries, shops, coffee shop, and bars.

Now that you have decided to enjoy your best possible weekend in Toronto, hiring a limo bus in Toronto would be a practical and great option for most of your needs. The experienced chauffeurs and crew would ideally provide you access to an enhanced experience. The safety and comfortability provided by the Toronto limo service would ideally make it one of the excellent option ever.

Check out the best Toronto limo services and enjoy the best possible weekend in Toronto.

What should you look for in your airport limo

Airport limo services have proven to be one of the unique concepts for a comfortable airport journey. But, what factors should you pay attention to when picking the best airport limo service? Checking out a few of the prime features you should focus on for achieving the best possible experience in terms of a perfect airport travelling ever can help you pick the right services.

The Comfort levels

While the airport limo services are expected to be comfortable, there are a few scenarios that may make your experience go sour. A few of the factors that would contribute to the comfort levels can include high quality vehicles, handling of the baggage, and other transportation options.

Maintaining the quality of vehicles is a clear sign of a good airport limo service company. If you find them offering a huge range of vehicles with different qualities, that may be a warning sign. A host of Toronto limousine service providers provide you access to an enhanced service quality with perfect service quality across different aspects.

Professionalism of the crew

Professionalism is the key to achieve better standards in terms of a reliable limousine service. One of the clear visual signs of the professional behaviour would ideally be indicated through the attire of the drivers and chauffeurs.

Yet another prime behaviour from the professionality should include the customer confidentiality offered. Flexibility to adapt to the changes in your itinerary is yet another prime factor that would contribute to the professionalism of the travel firm. If you are looking to any nearby locations for any additional purchases, or something else, the limo company should be willing to provide the services without the exorbitant charges.

limo service in toronto

High-degree of convenience

A limo service is not only about comfortability. It is all about travelling to your airport right in time and with a huge degree of convenience. The Meet and Greet functionality should be one of the best options rather than you having to search for them. Especially when it comes to your needs in a travel from airport.

The parcel transport offered by the service provider should be yet another huge plus point. Check out the best customer trends for achieving the best possible results. The availability of an online booking is what would make it one of the excellent options. While there are several options to book, such as phone, a lack of online booking can be one of the excellent options ever.

Well, airport limo services can indeed be one of the thoughtful inclusions. If you are looking to the best possible experience in achieving the perfect airport travelling experience, you will indeed find it to be one of the exciting options for all your travelling enhancements.

The Toronto limousine providers make sure that you can simply sit back and relax, and enjoy a very comfortable ride. Apart from the airport service, you can also get access to other services such as wedding celebrations, parties or even group night outs in a very enhanced degree of setting.

Four top reasons you should choose an airport limo service

The concept of airport transportation has been undergoing a huge change, A concept that was once manipulated and monopolised by traditional taxi and cab operators has now come out of age. The airport limo services have become one of the most sought after services thanks to the high quality of service that these companies provide to their customers.

Top 4 reasons why should you opt for Airport Limo service

Airport Limo service has become one of the most popular and reliable services in regions such as Canada. But, what makes them the right choice to opt for? Let us analyse a few reasons.

It offers you a high degree of convenience

When it comes to travelling to or from an airport, the most prime requirement one will have is the need for convenience. The Operators of Toronto limousines make it a point to provide the most customised service quality to the customers.

Convenient features such as prebooking and promptness can further make it one of the thoughtful options in the long run. You will be dropped right at the gate of your terminal which would further add up more value to your experience.

toronto limousines

Comfort levels

The airport limo service ensures a better degree of comfortability and riding pleasure. The drivers hired by the limo and party bus service providers belong to the top notch and that should ideally the prime reason why you can be assured of a very high quality service.

You can expect a friendly and courteous service from the best drivers and chauffeurs. You will also be assured of the optimum size of the vehicle based on the number of passengers. They also take into account the luggage requirements you may have.

They are highly cost effective

The airport limo service have always been treated to be efficient and extremely cost effective. Contrary to the popular belief that the limo services cost a fortune, they have been observed to be extremely safer and cost efficient to the core.

Since you do not have to worry about the parking woes and other relevant issues, you can be assured that the overall cost of  your airport transportation would considerably be lower. You will also be saving on the cost of gas that may be an additional burden if you carried your own vehicle.

They are quite safer

Parking your vehicle at the airport can be a huge task. It can be expensive and may not be really safer. The airport limo service does away the need for parking. You are simply dropped at your terminal and that does it.

Moreover, the drivers and chauffeurs hired by the airport limo services are screened for a wide range of traits such as personality and driving skills. That would mean you are assured of a perfect on road safety. The drivers are aware of the conditions of the road and will provide you with the best possible services ever.

That should explain why airport limo services can be the best one to go with when you need any sort of airport transportation. That apart, the limo service providers excel in a wide range of other services as well – including the limos for night outs, prom night and of course, weddings.