Toronto is a traveller’s paradise and there is something that every genre of traveller would love in Toronto. No matter whether you are an explorer, an adventurist, or even a foody you will find a few great options for everyone in your group.

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Having understood that, let us check out a few unusual things you can do while in Toronto.

The Three Houses – Dolls, Half and Little

The Half House bears a resemblance to the past glory of Toronto with its  bay-and-gable house construction. The style was evolved in the 19th century and rivals the Victorian and Gothic styles. The Little House the most little house in Toronto and is just seven feet wide. The house was built in 1912 and does not serve any practical purpose. The third among the lot, the Dolls House is both funny and nightmarish with its content.


If you are an adventurist, you would not want to mis out on the experience of enjoying the best ever experience of rushing adrenaline while in Toronto. The CN Tower provides you this opportunity. How about walking around outside, halfway of it – at a height of 1116 storeys off the ground? The Edgewalk has been referred to be the Signature Canadian experience ever. It is also world’s highest circular walk ever. If you are looking for some adventure, this is exactly what you should be up to.

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Casa Loma

If you are someone who is overwhelmed by opulence, then Casa Loma should be one of the unique destinations you would find rather impressive. It was an ambitious project that literally bankrupted its owner – due to the tax liabilities alone. You can experience everything to your heart’s content here and enjoy the best possible experience of your life through exploring the lavish and ornate interior, as well as the gardens and stables.

Check out Paan and other Indian delicacies

The Indian food and delicacies have always fascinated the world, and the Gerrard India Bazaar in Toronto stands a proof to it. One of the biggest South Asian marketplaces in North America, there is everything that the Little India can offer. You can experience a wide range of options that include  curry houses and exotic clothing stores. One of the unique options you would witness here can include the famous Indian Paan. It has been observed to offer you a mild psychoactive effect, just like tea or coffee.

Well, Toronto does provide you access to a wide range of options if you are looking for something completely unusual and memorable for a long time to come. Featured above are just a few representative examples and should indeed introduce you enter into the world of innovation.

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