haunted hiking in Ontario

Are you a fan of hiking and in addition to the adrenaline pumping hiking action, you also love the experience of a spooky and horror hiking to spruce it further up? Well, we thought of letting you explore a few great options that can prove to be a great option to help you enjoy the best spooky trails and hikes ever.

Ghost Road

The Ghost Road in Mississauga should be yet another unique option that you would find all the more unique and exciting. It is also known as the Mississauga trail as well. It is actually an old concession road than being a hiking trail. However, it has been known as one of the unique haunted hiking trails that has created a huge name for itself. The venue has bee the home for a host of paranormal activities. There have been strange reports about the spooky experiences that the hikers tend to go through when hiking through this road.

The Screaming Tunnel

The Screaming Tunnel is a part of the Bruce trail and is located at the Niagara region. The tunnel dates back to the 1900s and has a lot of stories associated with it. It is actually a lime road tunnel that runs beneath the railroad tracks. The legend has it that the trail is haunted by the spirit of a little girl.

The Hermitage, Dundas Valley Conservation Area

This is yet another spooky hiking trail in Ontario region. It hosts one of the most popular and well known haunted hiking trails near Toronto. The ruins of the hermitage have been reported to be haunted. It is said that a coachman committed suicide here. People here claim that his spirit keeps moving in the ruins here. It is said that you would even hear him crying.

Devil’s Punch Bowl

The venue is located in the region of Stoney Creek. This is home to the best waterfalls and spooky hiking trails. The region has negative annotations about it since the 1930s. The businesses here were much dealing with the devils. That is exactly why the region is named that way. There are several rumours about the venue and how creepy it is. You can also see a host of stories about the ghosts.

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Bronte Creek Provincial Park

The Bronte Creek Provincial Park is yet another spooky destination in a neighbourhood of Toronto. One such region you would find here would include Spruce Lane Farmhouse at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. There have been several ghostly sightings here.

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Partying with friends on a limo

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Get access to a great night life

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Celebrate the birthday and other celebrations in style

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Have fun with your wedding

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best rides in Ontario that you would find excellent

If you are planning to have a great time with your friends, colleagues and family while in Ontario, there are several attractions that can prove to be unique in multiple ways. One of the excellent options that you would find much impressive here can be to go with the best rides of different genres.

Vintage aircraft rides

You will go onboard the famous warplanes of Canada and would enjoy a highly pleasurable ride. The experience of the aerial ride should definitely prove to be much exciting. You can check out a lot of options that can redefine your Ontario experience by multiple counts. That can perhaps be one of the prime options for truly exciting options. You can perhaps enjoy your own cockpit experience that can make all the more unique.

Floatplane tours and rides

How about a scenario where you would be able to fly over to your own private island and have everything there for you alone? There are a few of the options that you would perhaps find here with the best floatplane tours and rides. If you are in Toronto, you will definitely fall in love with the experience and want to enjoy it like never before. Though it may appear to be a low key ride, it still comes with its own pleasurable moments.

Helicopter tours

The helicopter tours in Ontario should prove to be a great option. The customized experience that you stand to gain with the excellent performance and experience should make it an enhanced choice ever. The ride over the Niagara Falls should be yet another unique experience. You can even fly over the CN Tower as well. Multiple aerial adventures that you would find here can indeed be much unique in its own right.

Hot Air Balloon tours

The next in line should be the hot air balloon tours that would further redefine your experience. Flying high on a hot air balloon should be a truly pleasurable and adrenaline pumping experience ever. There are several exciting locations that have been known for the best possible hot air balloon rides. It would be a good idea to go on hot air balloon rides during the warmer months.

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Make sure that you have the right transportation

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