Toronto is blessed with several attractions and decency around, and one of the prime means that you would find much interesting in this context can be the nature that beckons you. The nature and the other interesting experiences that you stand to witness in Toronto should definitely be something that you would not want to miss out on. In todays lost, we will check out the best nature destinations that you would want to explore in and around Toronto.

The Cherry beach

The Cherry beach is one of the unique destinations that you would find much interesting as the prime nature destination that you can explore. He Park does provide you access to dog off-leash area, ample parking and other amenities. It has also been rated to be one of the good choices for kite borders.

Woodbine Beach

That should be yet another unique and interesting destination in Toronto for the nature lovers. The broad and beautiful curvy beach has been considered to be the right option for picnics, sun baths and swimming needs that you may have. The Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool is yet another unique attraction nearby.

Scarborough Bluffs

You would find the Scarborough Bluffs is yet another great choice that you would find much impressive. It is around 15 km along the Lake Ontario shore. It is stated to have formed due to sedimentation for over 12000 years. The bluffs are formed by natural processes and you would find it a good choice for the nature lovers to enjoy.

Humber River

The Humber River is known for a rich human history. That would ideally make it the right option for the nature explorers among you. The ancient transportation route known as the Carrying Place Trail also exists here. It was the prime destination for most of the Toronto’s post-European settlement homes and industries. If you are searching for perfect venue for the best nature exploration and a peek into the history, this one is the right one to go with.

Toronto Island

If you have been a regular visitor to Toronto, you would have definitely visited the Toronto islands quite frequently. One of the excellent set of beaches that you would want to explore, this is definitely that offers something for everyone out there. It offers you anything that you may be looking ahead to. Be it a beach, a place to swim or a trail – you will find all those here and will perhaps enjoy them as well.

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Cedarvale – Nordheimer Ravines

Looking for some old oaks? The Cedarvale – Nordheimer Ravines should be what you would find much deserving. We have been here for several times in the past and you would find it a very decent experience in several counts.

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