Not all national parks in Canada are the same. They’re as numerous as the United States is big. From the east coast of Newfoundland to the farthest reaches of the Northwest Territories, you will see something for each and every style and budget. You can find way too many to mention all country wide parks in Canada but listed right here are three popular ones you shouldn’t miss.

Cape Breton Highlands, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Driving over the Cabot Trail in the limousine, that skirts the rocky cliffs of the northern coast of Cape Breton, you might be feeling like you just stepped out of North America and in to the Scottish Highlands. That is what you need to look ahead to on this Canadian national park are breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, rolling wonderful  mountains, steep roads, deep valleys, and enough scenery to fill a photo album (or your digital camera card).

The Cape Breton Highlands is also home to a number of family-pleasant trails and beaches, and is the same location of the best public golf course in Canada, the Highland links.

Of most country wide parks, the Cape Breton Highlands Country wide Park should be seen to be appreciated. Please go to the national parks website for more info or browse to get more on the Parks Canada online.

Banff National Park, Banff, Alberta

Nestled within the Rocky Mountains across the border of Alberta and British Columbia simply one hour and a half-drive from Calgary, you will discover the very first Canadian national park and the third of all national parks worldwide ever established.

This 6641 square meter (2564 square mile) park boasts some of the very most spectacular peaks of the Rockies (Fortress Mountain), 12 months-spherical refreshing hot springs, first-class downhill skiing (Lake Louise), renowned glaciers (Columbia Icefield), and wildlife. This famous park is a must-see destination for anybody who enjoys skiing, trekking, or simply relaxing.

All national parks in this region of Canada have the Rocky Mountains because the backdrop with their canvas but only this one can proof to function as the to start with Canadian national parks. So be the very first in your team to explore this excellent park and please visit the national parks internet site to plan your trip today.

Mount Revelstoke National Park, Revelstoke, British Columbia

Mount Revelstoke stands on the west part to the Rocky Mountains and is where you can find the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. Right here you will discover many of the oldest herbal environments in the world.

Mount Revelstoke has three areas in its park which are named after their elevation: Rainforest, Snowforest, and No Forest. As you tour more in the park, any rain that might be falling turns to snow.

The spectacular sight of historical forests under from the best point of the park is astounding to behold. Another great sight is the huge cedar timber on the Giant Cedars Nature Path, a half-kilometer way that is 500 12 year-old trees as thick as a vehicle.

For more information, please go to your national parks website for Mount Revelstoke.

Visiting a Canadian national park is just like visiting all national parks – it is a welcome refuge from the everyday grind. We have solely seen some of the many things to see but there is more for you here.

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